Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Last Post

We're having a few days in Kuala Lumpur on the way home. Barry is still a bit feeble so we are only doing light sightseeing in between rests. Getting around in the heat is a bit tiring- particularly for him. But our body clocks should be on southern hemisphere time when we leave here.
KL is - like any Asian city I've seen - an interesting mix of sophistication & tall modern buildings and the grot & grime & smell of Asia not far away.
People are very friendly and helpful.
We will be home in a couple of days.

KL welcomes us- actually the Indian Prime Minister. He's here to open some festival in 'Little India', which is where our hotel is.

One face of KL
Another face.

The Petronas towers, which have become an icon of KL. Taken from the KL telecommunications tower observation deck. An air-conditioned stop with a great view.

Petronas towers from the ground.

We got around on the monorail- a station near our hotel. Better to be above the traffic, which is pretty busy & noisy.

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