Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Vienna is also chock-full of beautiful buildings, but is spacious, gracious & grand. Another place where an entire city centre has world heritage listing. There are also attractive parks and it's a much easier place to wander around than Prague. Centre of culture too, of course. We had a hard time deciding which orchestral concert we would go to. Spivs in the streets try & sell you tickets to so many different concerts in so many lovely venues around the city- it's hard to compare & choose. We saw a Mozart/Strauss one.

Won't show you any more pics of attractive buildings. Every street, every corner.

We saw a few Mozarts- this one was whistling some music. To remind you of Vienna's many famous sons, there are streets named after Lizst, Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss (both), Frederik Engels etc

The Vienna Rathaus- Town Hall & Council Chambers/Offices. This is only one corner of it.

Decorative tile work on the roof of St Stephan's Church in the centre of the city.

Some more fancy roof tiling on St Stephan's church- around the back.

Another interesting outdoor collection- this time road or footpath manhole covers from all over Germany, Austria & other European cities like Sarajevo & Krakow

For Ivan & Heather- bust of Ludwig Zamenhof, author/creator of Esperanto. There's an Esperanto Museum here but we weren't here long enough to check it out.

Chosen way of seeing Vienna for many, & seems quite fitting. If everyone was in period costume you can imagine you've stepped back in time, with the backdrop of the lovely buildings.

Hundezone- seems to be a smallish fenced area where dogs can be off-lead.

There are many horses & carriages in Vienna. If they didn't use these poo-catchers it would be a mess.

And some of the horses wear hats.

Some of the famous Vienna Spanish horses in their stables in the Imperial Palace.

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