Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Train to Italy

Verona was a stopping place on the way through Italy. We chose not to stay in Venice- caught train there from Verona for a day. Didn't have too much time in Verona, but managed to see a few sights. The most memorable was the Arena- built in 1st century, in use today. They have a Verdi Opera season every year (Verdi came from here) but also other performers. Peter Gabriel was on there recently.
Verona Arena

Piazza seen from the Arena.

Arena from the top row of seats. A long list of great singers & conductors have performed here since it was re-opened for performances in 1913.

A connecting walkway around the Arena

We chose the scenic route from Vienna to Verona through Innsbruck- and was it scenic! The photos from the train aren't very good. the windows were dirty & it was sunny so there's glass reflection. Also the best scenery was often on the other side of the train from where I was sitting.
Will put a few photos on anyway to give an idea of the trip through the Alps.

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