Monday, August 9, 2010

Paris 1

One of the few patches of grass the public are permitted to walk on - Luxembourg Gdns

Luxembourg Gardens- was so impressed by the french border plantings.

Beautiful Luxembourg Gardens (and Palace)

Crowds @ Louvre- and this is at night!

Inside Louvre

Tuleries Gardens from Louvre

Arc de Triomphe

Where the rich & famous shop on Champs Elysees

A corner of the Louvre

Life very liveable here. Lovely weather to wander around- mid 20's every day, not dark until nearly 10pm.
Quite affordable city for accommodation, food (yummy) and transport. Mostly get around on metro, buses & a few boats.
Tourist crowds pretty large at the most famous sites.
Walked until we could hardly stagger.
A treasure of a city - full of treasures.
Now techno probs with laptop fixed, will do a few quick posts to catch up.....J

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