Monday, August 9, 2010

Paris 2

Oscar Wilde's grave @ Pere Lachaise Cemetery. The smudges are kisses, and lots of people leave messages of adoration on metro tickets, lolly wrappers, anything around the base.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery- lots of famous people buried here.

A small part of the gardens & grounds @ Versailles

The room @ Palace of Versailles which commemorates in paintings all the military glories of France and lists heroes as far back as year 868.
Hall of Mirrors, Versailles

Just another over-the-top room @ Versailles -you can't count them.

Chapel @ Versailles - fit for a king

One of many garden views from any old Palace window

The Palace at Versailles has re-defined our ideas on ornate over-the-top sumptous decadence. One day isn't enough to see the Palace & grounds. So many famous events have happened here - like the signing of the peace treaty in 1918. Also Gordon Ramsay has cooked for a posh function here- hey- that's important too. There are some pretty fine entertainment events held here, so a historic relic is still living & breathing.....J

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