Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shower in a shoe box. This is the gee-whiz shower control in our very little bathroom. There is an on/off button, temperature control & water pressure control. The other is just for decoration I think. But maybe I haven't got it sussed yet- maybe it makes coffee.
Ali & Stephen

Barry at the prime meridian, Greenwich - with a foot in each time zone.

Chapel at Naval College, Greenwich

Greenwich Navel College, now largely used by Uni of Greenwich. Looking towards Queen's House with Royal Observatory visible on hill behind.

St Paul's. We didn't go in. When the Brit's charge for something they really charge! And there are so may stunning churches around.

Central Criminal Court - old & new, Old Bailey

Found a few interesting places up lanes off Fleet St

Went to Greenwich by river for day. 3 Museums there- Naval College, Maritime & Royal Observatory. Chock full of info about England's maritime history and centuries of discovery.
Cook's diary from later voyage in Maritime Museum. Harrison's 4 clocks in Observatory Museum, which were instrumental in establishing quick & accurate method for sailors determining longitude.
Greenwich also more like a quaint sea port than a suburb of London.
'Cutty Sark' still under wraps for another year (after being damaged by fire a couple of years ago)
Caught up with niece & nephew Alison & Stephen for lunch before they went to Paris for 2 mths back-packing around Europe.
One more day in London. Then we will be on canal boat with Jill & Steve & crew. Probably won't have wifi signal so will have to continue blog after a week's interruption.....J

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