Thursday, September 2, 2010

One for Charley. Many of the people who own boats or live on them have dogs. Saw quite a few goldies- they seem popular here. I patted them all. What a life! Running up & down the towpath meeting other dogs & people, mucking about in the water (always wet) & resting up on the boat with your folks close by. This one was called Buster.

For Emma - some days you get this............ (Barbara getting wet doing lock work) ...........

................................... and some days this

Jill nipping into the Pub. The White Horse at Welton

Wandering up a muddy farm lane to the Pub at Husbands Bosworth.

Steve, Eric, Jill, Barbara & Barry - dinner time on the boat. Very roomy as Valerie &
Ron had disembarked by this time.

Lots of lovely rural scenes along the canal banks.

Walking along a bridle path through fields to do some shopping.

Jill feeding porridge to the Swans

Barry anticipating his Steak & Ale pie at a lunch stop at Witlow.

Jill didn't waste her time- here she is making bikkies on a wet afternoon.

Barry driving into a lock. Usually the people on the boats going through help each other to make it quicker. We met a lot of people like this- just chatting while we waited for locks to fill or empty.

Flight of 10 locks at Foxton Locks. Can take a lot of time to get through these if there are queues.

Enjoyed our week on the good ship 'Wenlock'. Weather wasn't kind to us every day, but we always found something to laugh about. We only knew Jill & Steve previously, but found the others very nice people & good travelling companions. These boats (which accommodate 8) are nearly 70 feet long, so driving them presents the odd challenge. We didn't get into too much strife!!! A few thumps & bumps & groundings are considered normal. Developed the (very enjoyable) habit of finding a pub near our mooring spots for a drink or two before dinner.....J

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