Friday, September 24, 2010

Along the south coast - Plymouth and Torquay

Heading across the south coast from the eastern extremity at Lands End to the very west around Dover & Deal. Stopped for a look at Plymouth- mostly around the waterfront. There is a naval base there, hence the ships showing in the photos. Spent night in Torquay (not quite at Fawlty Towers but it was a strange hotel)

Torquay Harbour at dusk. An attractive summer playground. They actually have a small beach with sand (may be artificially created for all I know) The English don't have many sandy beaches, so I guess that's not their expectation.

Torquay There a a few buildings which are not hotels, guest houses, restaurants or cafes, but not many. It must b a very quiet place in the winter.

For Dad - Arthur's plaque (panel 74) on the huge Naval Memorial overlooking Plymouth Sound.

Naval Memorial to British & Allied sailors lost at sea. Sobering how huge it is. On Plymouth Hoe overlooking the Sound. Maintained by Commonwealth Ware Graves Commission.

Colourful Lighthouse on Plymouth Hoe

Looking out over Plymouth Sound. Beautifully maintained headland with statues & memorials of things military (naturally - being a naval base). Below is a view from the headland towards Plymouth Harbour. It's on the Tamar River (as is Launceston in Devon!)

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