Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Along the south coast - Salisbury and Portsmouth

Back through Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Sussex and Kent. Spent some time around Salisbury & passed through Chichester. There's a large Royal Navy Base at Portsmouth, which is open to public (to a limited extent). Must pay to see Mary Rose Museum and to have access to the ships in port. Heaps to see but needs more time than we had. We did Harbour cruise and saw the Navy Harbour & Container terminal from the water.

Heads at Portsmouth Harbour, with the Isle of Wight ferries arriving and departing.

Old & new. The Royal Navy's oldest iron ship, the HMS "Warrior', with the 'Spinnaker Tower' in background.

HMS 'Ark Royal', still in commission and berthed at Portsmouth.

Nelson's flagship HMS 'Victory'

List of the Navy ships in port - Portsmouth

A garden backing onto the Avon River at Salisbury.

Salisbury street- in the rain unfortunately. They call it a medieval city, but the Roman's have their fingerprints on it. Most attractive & interesting. The cathedral is quite imposing.
We gave Stonehenge a miss and went to Avebury, about 20 miles north, which has a smaller henge. Concentric circles of stones (no top stones) with a village inside. Can wander around all the stones and do a perimeter walk of this ditch, which is is terrific condition. A guy was even climbing some of the stones, but this is probably frowned on.

Avebury- world heritage site.

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