Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Devon - Endacott Country

Didn't find much evidence of the Endacott's here. Don't know where the bodies are buried. They must have all migrated to Aust or US or moved to larger centres. But fell a little bit in love with Devon. It's so lush and generous and lovely- grass is so green & thick you almost wish you were a cow. The Moors are lovely too, and give such views. They're peaty, so soft to walk on. We did a couple of lovely walks & were rewarded with fabulous views in all directions. Many of the villages are exquisite. We stayed in a delightful B&B in Dunsford, where my Grandad's father was born.
It has lots of white-washed thatched buldings and narrow streets. Barry has been worried in some of these villages that he won't be able to get the car around some corners & past some parked cars. Of course you always can- everyone makes room for everyone & people park were they know there is JUST room to get by. Much prefer exploring on foot.

Back-tracking to Bath, just to prove I really am on this trip. On roof of Bath Abbey, in rain.

Dunsford - on the edge of Dartmoor National Park

Bridford -many Endacott's lived here. Only a few miles from Dunsford, but takes a while along the narrow single-car lanes with tall hedges on either side.

Exeter. The largest city on the SE side of Dartmoor. Also a Roman City. Near the mouth of the River Exe, so a port until recent times. Grandad's parents lived here for a while & his two older brothers were born here, before the family moved to London.

Lovely Oak & Beech woods near Dunsford

Our B&B was right on the River Teign here, where these stepping stones take you over the river & though Bridford Woods to the Moors.

View from Heltor Rock

From Moors above Moreton Hampstead. It's only gorse, but I guess it's where it belongs. Mixed with gorse there is bracken fern (those hills look brown) and blackberries, with a few pretty little plants like Heather (which I think is an Erica). Not easy walking if you leave the paths. And of course nettles everywhere when you get a bit lower, so shorts not an option.

Our little car on top of Dartmoor. This is the bracken area.

Sign says 'Sheep lying on road' - and they do. Probably enjoying the warmth. And they don't move, so the cars weave around them. A few horses wandering around too. There's enough grass between the bracken for stock.

HM Prison, Dartmoor. At Princetown, Sthn Dartmoor

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