Thursday, September 9, 2010

Down the Coast

Travelled through Nth Yorkshire Moors to coast at Whitby. Significant to Australians because of it's link to Capt Cook. He trained here as a seaman and the 'Endeavour' was a Whitby collier, built here. Some ships still built here & the bridge on the Esk still needs to open to allow taller vessels through. Traffic here was terrible. We had to drive to the headland overlooking Whitby to park & walk back into town down "Caedmon's Trod'. Full of holiday-makers. Very quaint large town on Esk estuary.

Bridge over the Esk River at Whitby opening for taller masted yacht to pass.

Church & graveyard on one headland overlooking Whitby. There is a ruined Abbey behind it. If you enlarge the photo you will see a statue on the opposite headland. It's our friend Capt James Cook again. There is a Capt Cook Museum here and the house where he lived is signposted.

Whitby has many narrow cobble-stoned streets. They are a nightmare for traffic. This one is pedestrian only.

They do like to be beside the seaside- although I can't really understand why. Some of the crowds along the river. ( I waited for a quiet moment to take this)

Town & River from near Whitby Abbey.

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