Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sussex and Kent

Some more coastal wandering. Spent time in Brighton & Hastings before heading north into Sussex to visit my step brother Vivian & wife Karen. Then headed to the most eastern coast in England, and explored the Dover, Deal & Sandwich area.

Deal, Kent - where we think the Files family came from.

The 'Sandwich Weavers' Pub. Previously the home & workshop of Dutch weavers who fled religious persecution in the 1500's. In the exquisite village of Sandwich.

Viv & Karen at Sissinghurst.

View from upstairs at Vivian & Karen's house near Ticehurst, Sussex

Sissinghurst - from tower.

Sissinghurst. We saw it on a blustery day with occasional rain. Enjoyed it and got a few ideas. And the poor weather kept the crowds away. Barry maybe didn't enjoy it as much as Viv, Karen & I- he got car sick on the way, being a passenger in the car through the narrow winding roads.

Hastings- the old town, from Castle Hill. They call this 1066 country, being the place where William of Normandy (the Conqueror) defeated Harold & made England a Norman country. French was the official language here for a long time after that.
The series 'Foyle's War' was set in Hastings, & maybe was filmed there- the old town is like a film set.

Remains of Castle on hill above Hastings- which was fortified by William before battle.

Finally got a photo of a Brighton squirrel. They have such darting movement that it's hard to get a snap of them.

Brighton Pavilion. Very dramatic building, with Indian influence.

Brighton is quite different- the lanes are famous. Full of shops & cafes. More down-market & interesting- reminds me of Brunswick or Carlton. Also lots of posh shops & hotels and the expected huge amount of holiday accommodation. The Brighton Pier is extraordinary- so much tat for sale and crap food and noisy, gaudy amusement arcades. Odd sort of holiday.
Also lots of creative graffiti.

Gone but not forgotten.

Brighton Beach.

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